Combined Harvest Declaration Form FAQ’s

What is the Combined Harvest Declaration (CHD) Form?  The CHD Form is an initiative by most of the major seed companies to hopefully make the process of completing your yearly harvest declaration easier and quicker. Instead of receiving a separate declaration form from each of the individual seed companies, six of the major seed companies have contracted the National Grower Register Pty Ltd (NGR) to distribute a single CHD Form on their behalf.

Do I have to complete the Form? Yes.  Part of your obligations when purchasing and sowing any PBR variety is to provide all relevant information to the variety owner or applicable Royalty Manager enabling them to determine if all due royalty payments have been met.

Why do I need to complete the Form if I have sold all my grain to an Auto Deducting Grain Buyer? If all your grain sales have had EPR deducted by Auto-deducting Grain Buyers the Royalty Managers are unaware until you complete this Form. In Part 2 of this Form you will need to record all your grain sales to Auto-Deducting Grain Buyers that have NOT had EPR deducted. This may be sales direct to port or end users where the variety information has not been collected. The Royalty Managers also need to know if you have used any grain on farm for stockfeed, as royalties are payable for this as well.

Why do you need the information from me? Doesn’t NGR have all the information?  NGR do not receive, hold or view any delivery or sale information.

Can’t the seed companies get all the information they need from the Grain Marketers? The seed companies do receive the EPR deductions from Auto Deducting Grain Buyers. However, if you have sold to any non-deducting grain marketers, then no information or EPR’s will have been forwarded to the seed companies. That is why it is important that you complete your CHD Form and declare any sales to non-auto deducting marketers.

Do I have to fill in all the fields on the Form? Yes. Even if some fields don’t apply to you, it is best to mark them with a zero. If some fields or whole lines are left blank,

Royalty Managers don’t know if you just forgot to complete the information or if you still have the variety.

Where can I access my delivered grain details? A guide to searching for your delivery ticket information for each of the major bulk handlers can be found at

I don’t have this variety any longer. Why do they have it on my Form? The varieties pre-populated on your Form are what the Royalty Managers have listed on their systems against your details. If you no longer have a variety, please tick the box “I no longer have/intend to use this variety” on Part 1 of the Form or record a ‘zero’ in the “Retained Seed” field.

I have a variety that is not included on my CHD Form. Do I need to include it? If it is a PBR variety, then yes, you should write it on the Form and record all relevant information for it. Old non PBR varieties do not need to be included. All applicable varieties that need to be reported are listed on the back of the cover letter enclosed with your CHD Form.

I sold to an Auto Deducting Grain Buyer, but I don’t think they deducted the EPR. Do I need to record this in the Part 2 Grain Sold section? If you are unsure, then yes. The Royalty Manager will check your record and determine if the applicable royalty has been received from that Marketer. If not, then they may invoice you for it. Note: If a variety name is not recorded at the point of delivery or sale for whatever reason, then it is likely that the royalty will not get deducted. It is important to always declare the correct variety name when delivering or selling grain.

What does NGR do with all my information? NGR enter the returned information and pass the data onto the applicable participating Royalty Manager in accordance with the Grower Standard Terms and Conditions and NGR Privacy Policy located at

Why is it important to complete each section and field?


  • Total Grain Harvested – This total will enable the Royalty Manager to work out if royalties have been received on all applicable grain produced.
  • Used On-Farm – This means all grain used for your own stockfeed (not sowing seed).
    Note: EPR’s apply to “all production except for seed”. This includes grain used for feeding your own stock.
  • Grain Still Warehoused For Future Sale – This will let the Royalty Manager know that not all your grain has yet been sold and that no EPR has been remitted for this quantity yet.
  • Retained For Seed – No EPR is payable for retained sowing seed. By recording a tonnage here, it will let the Royalty Manager know that you still have seed and may sow it in following seasons.
  • I No Longer Have/Intend To Use This Variety – by ticking this box, you are letting the Royalty Manager know you no longer have that variety. You should then no longer receive a request for information about that variety in following seasons.


  • List all grain sales – for each listed variety – to grain marketers who did not deduct royalties.
  • Even if you delivered to a bulk handler (listed in the participating trader list), you may have sold your grain to a different buyer (not on the list). You will need to list this sale.
  • If you know of any grain sales to participating grain traders where the royalty has not been deducted, you should list these.
  • For any grain sales that you record in Part 2 (where an EPR hasn’t been deducted), the variety owner will be the one who issues you a royalty invoice for the amount owing.


  • By completing and returning a Combined Harvest Declaration, signed or unsigned, you authorise NGR to pass on all Details to Participating Royalty Managers. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions attached for full details or visit