As part of an ongoing, industry-wide initiative to improve the efficiency of the End Point Royalty (EPR) reporting process, the major EPR managers and plant breeding companies, as listed below, have again put in place a service contract with the National Grower Register Pty Ltd to distribute and process the Harvest Declaration forms. This is being performed through the single Combined Harvest Declaration Form (CHD Form). The aim of the combined Form is to streamline reporting, allowing growers to participate in a quicker, easier and more secure production reporting process.

These Forms collect information by variety about volumes of grain produced, volumes sold to grain traders or end users (e.g. millers), grain used on farm as stock feed, grain stored on farm or in warehousing for later sale, and grain retained for use as seed in the following year. Where possible the participating EPR manager and plant breeding companies have endeavoured to pre-populate the Form with the varieties you need to report on. Please note however, you are obliged to report on any variety you have grown that is listed in the table on the Variety List tab of this website.

You will notice that this year’s CHD Form is substantially different to previous years. We understand that time is important for growers, and so we have streamlined it to make it simpler and quicker to complete. This year we are also using email as a primary way of distributing the forms, as this provides greater speed and reliability of them reaching you. As always, there is also the option for completing your Harvest Declaration online by clicking the Login button above.

For any enquiries about varieties or EPRs please visit Alternatively you can also contact the individual Royalty Managers directly with any concerns you may have. Should you require assistance to complete or return the CHD Form contact the Combined Harvest Declaration Team on 1300 025 115 (between 8am and 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Participating Companies:

  • Australian Grain Technologies
  • Heritage Seeds
  • InterGrain
  • Nuseed
  • Pacific Seeds
  • Seednet

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